The Afrikan Alliance of Social Democrats(AASD), hereby affirms that South Arica belongs to all who have pledged allegiance to, and live in it.
Proud of our history of struggle and the achievement of freedom by the people of our country.

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Determined to ensure that the hard won freedom that our people won is defended and the values that are enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa are deepened in our society.
Convinced of the desire of our people for a government of the People by the People. Believing in the empowerment and strengthening of civil society so as to enable an effective, vibrant and responsive citizen participation in governance at all levels.

United in our resolve to establish a prosperous and inclusive Human Rights based society that is united, non-sexist, non-racial, and democratic. Committed to restoring the dignity of our people and serve them with all integrity;

Hereby pledge to build a strong and cohesive society based on human solidarity, respect and dignity for all.