Volvo Remote Start App Not Working

Volvo Remote Start App Not Working

I go in the app, tap start, and it'll say sending start and then shortly after a red banner comes up at the bottom of the screen that says climate could not be started. The default run time, if you do not change it, is 5 minutes.

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The most annoying one, however, is that the remote climate start from within the volvo app never, ever works.

Volvo remote start app not working. Your vehicle climate will automatically set to 72 degrees and will not resume the temperature and fan functions from the last time you have. Try again in a few minutes. except it does this every single time. If your car is equipped with a parking heater, you can use the volvo on call app to remotely start the heater so that your car is warm at a specific time.

Remote start/stop functions work fine with the key fob (well, minus the crappy range). When you unlock the vehicle the engine turns off automatically as a safety feature. For remote heater start, the car's parking heater is used to heat the car.

You can choose either to state when you want to leave, and the heater then starts automatically depending on the outdoor. If these two lights do not illuminate, the engine was not started. This is a normal function of remote start and cannot be modified.

To change the time interval, simply go into the remote start and under duration you can select your desired running time. For all new 90, 60, and 40 series volvos, the remote start will activate the following settings:

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