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The only way to find happiness is to discover the meaning of. Fine, guess that's just the way it is.

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As you continue the journey of a meaningless life, you would realize that no matter what, people will leave you, your love will abandon you, friends will no longer be friends, and there won’t be anyone to watch your back.

My life is meaningless quora. But given this conclusion, and given that you still seem to have this nagging. Nobody asked to be alive. In order to have drawn this conclusion, he must be an intelligent human being.

Just point out to him that the pleasure and good emotions in life are likely going to outweigh the bad ones. 99 percent of the jobs are there for you to. 99 percent of the stuff you read will be forgotten.

Everyone’s life has no meaning. The purpose of life is to be happy. I have never in my dreams ever thought of outliving my children but this life has taught me that being happy even without.

If you try and give your life a meaning or purpose it does help you get through life but you are only doing it because you want to make your life bearable, it stops you from putting a gun to your head. Our family was the happiest family before losing my 10 year old daughter in an accident. Let's accept this conclusion for a moment, and now consider this:

How you can even begin to conclude that your life is meaningless just because you aren’t getting what you want from these people, which it appears to be in your question, it may be wisest to look at that issue the most. Earning money is very important, but running towards more and more money endlessly is pure absurdity. But to put it blunt, your life is meaningless.

A meaningful life does not mean endless quest for money, fame and power. Searching for meaning in life is like watching the whole movie just to search for the plot. Quora user · see parent question.

99 percent you're working is meaningless, and pointless. The app, arts, games you made is pointless. My eventual death means that my life is meaningless.

99 percent of the conversations you had with friends is just to pass time. Life goes on but it hardly makes sense to someone who lost their beloved child suddenly. Meaningless or not, you can either dance with life or despites it and moarn.

I know what it means and i really think sometimes we don’t have to say anything we just need that someone listens to. Quora user · see parent question. You know that, given the mindset described above, you reach the depressing conclusion that life is meaningless.

A meaningful silence is always better than a meaningless words …do you like this statement? Of course, i like that statement because i feel it. Hence, it would be illogical to commit suicide.

Your mind gets clouded and usually this happens when depressed, you notice the bigger things in life that take control and force you to have to live with what has happened (death, divorce, etc.) this is not forever lasting, although in some cases can be reoccurring. Life is not meaningless but could become meaningless for many people like me. While the experience is indeed just as pointless/meaningless once it’s passed, the ‘now’ is still going and it’s the now that one should cherish, meaningless or not.

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