Afrikan Alliance of Social Democrats (AASD) Manifesto

Pledge to the people of South Africa

Vision 20Now! Vision 20Manje! Vision 20AASD

Our Vision

To be a modern Pan Afrikan political Party that will build a united and prosperous country based on fairness, justice and equity. To pursue and eclectic pragmatic social democratic agenda that will leverage technological advancement including the Fourth Industrial Revolution in leapfrogging South Africa out of a low economic growth, poverty, inequality and unemployment into a prosperous high inclusive economic growth country based on socio-economic justice, fairness and equity. Effective Citizen Participatory Democracy is the bedrock of determination of the peoples will and mandate.

Problem Statement

• Disconnected and marginalized communities • Lack of broad community participatory democracy
• Illegitimate government that does not respect and consult citizens
• 30m people living below the poverty line
• About 17m people on social grant
• Unemployment-rising > 27%
• GDP growth lower-medium term around 1% and coming years hovering around 2-3% which is not adequate to address the high unemployment rate and population growth
• Uncertain policy framework and populist inclination
• High crime statistics, drugs and gangsterism among the youth
• Demotivated and ineffective public service—Competent Patriotic Public Servants victimized and harassed because they do not comply to illegal instructions as well as agree to join the parasitic criminal syndicates
• Lack of social cohesion and dissatisfied citizens posing a threat to national security if they can be lured by populist failed rhetoric.

Key Proposed Programs

• “Technocratic State for Capable and Competent State” • “Defender of Our Democracy”
• “Effective Participatory Democracy to enhance social stability and patriotic values”
• “Socio-Economic Justice for lasting Peace and social cohesion”
• “Inclusive Economic Growth for shared Prosperity”
• “Safe and Secure Communities”
• ‘Servants of our People

Proposed Solutions

“Technocratic State for Capable and Competent State”

• Leverage disruptive technologies to create a lean Capable and Competent State that will provide high quality and cost-effective public service
• Leverage technology to enhance effective and safe working environment for public servants through fair and just employment practices
• Leverage technology to fight corruption through effective monitoring, evaluation and reporting
• Restore the dignity of public servants and eliminate unfair labour practices and victimization of Patriotic Public Servants who refuse to be co-opted into the parasitic criminal networks of patronage and cronies.
• Urgently restore the rights of Patriotic Public Servants that have been victimized through unfair suspensions, overlooked for deserved promotion and working in unsafe workplace environment
• Urgently do a skills audit and review public service employee appointments done over the immediate past and expunge irregular appointments
“Defender of Our Democracy”
• Restore the dignity of our people and protect their constitutional rights through
o The right to Freedom of association, right to free speech and right to effective participatory democracy
o Right to quality health, right to access to quality education and housing
o Right to economic participation
o Right to safe and secure environment
• Ensure that no municipality passes any IDP and Budget without
• Promote patriotic and national values through nation building programs • Strengthen institutions promoting and defending citizen rights “Effective Participatory Democracy to enhance social stability and patriotic values”
• Observe the right to effective participation and consultation of citizens as prescribed by the constitution
• Promote and support democratic participatory structures that will pass constitutional muster. Ward Committees should not be an employment bureau to accommodate foot soldiers for the ruling party’s factional battles that ends up undermining community accountability.
• Ensure that Ward Committees, CPF’s SGB all ensure that no IDP or Budget is passed without effective consultation of communities and civil and business organisation
• Strengthen the capacity of grassroot leaders through effective upskilling in governance, values and ethical leadership
• Ensure that civil society movements and community structures have access to an independent mechanism for addressing complaints and non- observance of duties by structures of all spheres of government i.e. Municipal Ombudsman
• Create a funded structure for assisting communities with ward-based development initiatives like cultural, arts, sports and recreation in an effort to build social cohesion
“Socio-Economic Justice for lasting Peace and social cohesion” ‘There is a saying that where there is a sense of injustice lasting peace is illusive” • The country’s past is continually undermining Nation building and national security as a result measures are needed to
o Address the ever-increasing high unemployment, high poverty levels and inequality
o Address past socio-economic injustices through accelerated inclusive restorative justice measures in
 Inclusive economic growth and shared prosperity
 Promotion and support of small businesses
 Secure border control to prevent replacement and participation of citizens in economic opportunities with low barriers to entry
 Transformative programs in the educational, health, recreational, sports, arts and culture space—” Vision 20AASD- Youth for Socio-Economic Justice”
 Address the land question in a manner that is not divisive but brings all citizen to be proud patriotic citizen under ‘One Nation One Flag under God” “Inclusive Economic Growth for shared Prosperity”
• Embrace and accelerate adoption of disruptive technologies for enhanced knowledge based economic development to accelerate entrepreneurial development and economic competitiveness
• Lower barriers of entry and enhance access to market opportunities through leveraging technological innovation.
• Address the issue of illegal economic migrants who in certain cases have displaced local small business from certain local industries with lower entry barriers.
• Invest in knowledge based economic activities through support for reskilling and adoption of technology driven business initiative that ensure inclusive economic growth and shared prosperity
• Depoliticize the public service procurement process through ensuring that all citizens can partake in economic opportunities.
• Ensure through access to mentorship and entrepreneurial training that young people are groomed to be future business leaders with positive contribution to the economy
• Ensure that all tertiary students attend at least compulsory elective modules in finance, technology, entrepreneurship and business ethics.
• Ensure Policy certainty on trade, Fiscal and Monetary policies
• Consolidate Policy certainty on transformative policies like BBBEE, Employment Equity and small business development
• Provide incentives and policy certainty to accelerate inclusive economic growth and shared prosperity.
• Reduce cost of energy through accelerated renewable energy roll out
• Reduce costs of public transport through mixed efficient and cost-effective transport modes inclusive of train, bus and taxi.
• Promote and assist business that will ensure food security that is inclusive of all citizens particularly small businesses of Africans.
• Promote techno skills to upskill citizens to be employment ready for the new knowledge-based economy
• Provide targeted Financial assistance package to different growth sectors that will not only ensure high GDP but will also be export driven
• Work closely with all business sectors, big and small to accelerate inclusive economic growth and a sense of shared purpose for a stable country “Safe and Secure Communities”
• Fight Crime, Gangsterism, and Drugs Abuse—Vision 20AASD “Youth Against Drugs, Crime and Gangsterism”
• Leverage technology to ensure intensified fight against Crime, Drugs and Gangsterism Vision 20Now “Youth for a safe Environment at our schools”
• ‘Corruption Steals from the Poor” Campaign
• Strengthen community structures against crime, gangsterism and drug abuse through innovative technological tools
• Ensure capacitated police services with appropriate technology to expedite successful and speedy prosecution of suspects
‘Servants of our People”
• Promote “Youth Service for a Prosperous Country”
• Encourage citizen participation in “Patriotic Servanthood for Inclusive and Prosperous Nation”
• Ensure from a young age for citizens to be taught the values and principles underlining our constitutional dispensation
• Infuse a sense of service to our country and its people.
• Promote Ethical, Competent and Capable leadership in all spheres of society
• Infuse Patriotic values and ethos through “Youth Generation for Vision 20Patriotism”