How To Upholster A Headboard With Fabric

With foam side up, lay your fabric across the headboard. Lay your upholstery fabric over the top, keeping a length of about 50cm at each end (as with the batting) and position the fabric so that it’s lined up with the bottom of the headboard.

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Wrap the fabric firmly up around the board and staple along the sides, once again leaving the corners.

How to upholster a headboard with fabric. Believe it or not, you do have lots of choices available to you when considering which fabric to put on a headboard. Fabric [or curtains panels in my case] foam batting; I gently pulled the thread taut to create a tufted look.

Purchase fabric, batting and large buttons at a fabric or craft store. Choose a fabric that will. If you have a frame on your headboard, fold the fabric over a couple of inches on the frame side to create a finished edge.

Place upholstery tack strips face up around the border of the backside of the headboard. Use your staple gun and start at the middle of your headboard and work your way out. I picked a pretty bold pattern for my headboard reupholstery project.

I laid the fabric on the floor with the right side of fabric side down, then i laid the headboard face down onto the fabric. Turn the headboard over so that the front is facing upwards. Then slid the button onto the thread, and ran it back through from the front to the back.

We do a center staple & one on each side, then fill in. The bottom of the headboard. As i mentioned before, my upholstered headboard loves to soak up those water stains.

I threaded the (upholstery) needle with black upholstery thread and pushed it through a drill hole in the upholstered headboard, from the back to the front. Measure the length of the headboard from the top to the bottom, add twice the thickness plus 10 inches for the result of the length of the piece of fabric required. How to upholster a headboard with fabric.

Lay your upholstery fabric over the top, keeping a length of about 50cm at each end (as with the batting) and position the fabric so that it’s lined up with the bottom of the headboard. Make sure the fabric is facing the correct way up! Make sure you have enough fabric to more than cover one side of the headboard.

Supplies needed for upholstering a headboard. Divide the required cut width of the fabric by the actual width of the fabric and round up the number. Then i cut the shape of the headboard out of the fabric, leaving 8 inches all the way around to leave room to wrap the fabric around the back of the headboard and also to fold the cut edge under before i stapled.

What kind of fabric for headboard covering: Make sure the pattern of the fabric is going in the right direction before you apply it. Pull it tight over the edge and staple.

Choose a fabric that will. Pull the fabric firmly up but don't stretch it. Tack strips (recommended, but not used in this project) upholstery nail stud strips (optional) step 1:

Lay it on top of your fabric, bad side up. How to attach the fabric using upholstery tacks: Pick & measure your fabric.

Once you have all your materials, simply lay down the fabric so it’s nice and straight, then lay your headboard (face down) on top of it.

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