How To Turn Off Gas Fireplace Pilot Light

How To Turn Off Gas Fireplace Pilot Light

This is an instructional video on how to shut off your standing pilot gas fireplace. Turn the pilot light on for 30 seconds.

Do I Need To Turn Off My Pilot Light When Its Not In Use Gas Fireplace Light Home Maintenance

Other times you will need to push a.

How to turn off gas fireplace pilot light. These should be toward the bottom. To make sure the key is in the right position, you can jingle it a little until the lock slid into its place in the keyhole. Turn the control knob to the on position:

Before you turn the switch to “off”, you should find where the pilot light is located. Turn the knob to the “off” position. Gas fireplace shuts off, and pilot goes out

You would think that turning off the pilot light is as easy as turning the knob to the ‘off’ position. If the millivolt generator is old and weak, or if the pilot flame is weak and wavering, the main burner will go on and off. You’ll locate the main gas control valve, then the thermopile sensor which should have its electric contacts labeled (th/tp and tp) on the valve itself.

Gas fireplace with the pilot always on, has a hole with key in it on the floor right next to fireplace (based on prior answers thats for gas supply), a ‘light’ switch across the room that when flipped on basically turns the flames on and entire fireplace lights up, then a knob next to the light switch that when turned clockwise increase the size of flame, and vice versa. Count to 20 and wait for the pilot light. On the control panel, look for the knob.

In this blog article, we’ll take. For most fireplaces, all you will need to do is open the front of the unit to access the pilot, then turn the pilot light valve to the off position. Alternatively, you may have to push your valve in and then turn it into the “off” position.

If the fireplace has a control panel that you can access, turn the knob to “off.”. These are some basic steps no matter the make, model, or year of your fireplace. Press your pilot light button while holding a flame to the pilot burner.

Once this is done, you will now be able to easily switch your gas fireplace on or off using either a remote control device or a switch on the wall. Steps locate the pilot light controls on the gas valve. Ignite the gas when the valve is opened;

All you have to do is open the front of your fireplace, turn the pilot knob to “off,” and then turn your gas shutoff valve to the “off” position as well. Allow at least 5 minutes for any extra or remaining gas to dissipate after turning the knob to “off” and removing your fireplace’s cover. To turn off the pilot light on a gas fireplace turn the control dial from the pilot position to the off position.

Sometimes it is, but most often you have to push the knob in and then turn it to ‘off’. Read and follow the instructions that came with you. Make sure before doing so that the pilot light has been on for at least two minutes or longer—then switch off the pilot light.

Clean the pilot assembly with a compressed air spray; Turn your gas valve control knob to “pilot.” do not force pilot light controls or use oil if they are sticky. Release the button to see if the pilot light goes out.

You’ll then turn the valve until. This action will start the gas flow into the fireplace logs. Usually, the flame is in the back or behind some of your logs.

Turning off your pilot light. You could damage them and cause leaks. Take a photo of the logs’ position;

If you’re working with a fireplace key, place the key into the slot. Turning off your pilot light is a simple process that will save you both energy and money. Make sure that the emergency gas valve is turned to the closed position as well.

Turning off the pilot light. How to turn off pilot light on a gas fireplace. As previously answered you could use the mechanical valve that is part.

The pilot light will remain on to allow you to do this. How to clean a pilot light on gas fireplace: The great thing about a gas fireplace is that it is easy to light and works quickly to heat up your home.

For added safety, it is always recommended to then turn the main gas shutoff valve for the system to the off position, as well. Depending on your fireplace model, you may have to push a small lever out of your way before you can turn the dial. Turn off the gas supply to test the thermocouple again.

Regardless of the specific fireplace you have there will always be a gas shutoff. Often a gas fireplace has a millivolt generator which is in the path of the pilot flame. The steps involved in lighting your pilot on your gas fireplace include:

One of the most common problems that homeowners with gas fireplaces with wall switches often face is the main burner failing to light up even when the pilot flame is turned on. You can’t go wrong by turning that off when you want to turn off the pilot light. After that, you should turn the key a half turn.

Turn off the gas and light switch; The flame may be located in the back or behind some of your logs. It is about the size of an aa battery and is wired to the switch and gas valve.

If you cannot find the flame, chances are the flame is out. Once you’ve located the flame, you can switch the knob from its original “pilot” position to the “off” position. You need to remember to turn it counterclockwise.

The gas supply should also be isolated by turning the gas valve located near to or within the fireplace to the off position. Usually, it’s written, “on, off, and pilot.”.

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