How To Put On A Paddle Holster

How To Put On A Paddle Holster

The paddle has hooks that allows you secure the paddle to your belt. Put the holster frame and black spacer separately.

How Do You Wear Your Paddle Holster Defensive Carry

Slide one harness strap over your shoulder.

How to put on a paddle holster. Shapeshift paddle holster by alien gear holsters what you should know about paddle holsters. The four weld nuts should be protruding through the holes. It’s important to make these adjustments, as cants prevent your gun from being drawn and retention, on the other hand, is the process of protecting your weapon inside the holster.

One part of paddle itself is pushed inside the waistband of the pants so the holster stays owb (outside the waistband). It's a tool of convenience. The spline attachment in the shapeshift holster mount is the same system used in the shapeshift owb paddle holster, and it securely holds the holster while the firearm is pulled out.

The first thing is to remove washers and screws for adjusting holster frames. But, if you leave it in the hands of experts, like us, then you can be assured that you will land up with a reliable and trusted paddle holster. Once you have decided your holster cant, attach your belt slide or paddle to the nylon backer with the help of cap screws.

After setting up your paddle holster, you have to adjust the cant and learn the swapping of the belt slide and paddle attachment and the paddle holster retention. A holster you can remove or put on without messing with your belt. A paddle holster is the best option for people who want quick and easy on and off.

Insert your other arm through the other loop as if you are putting on your backpack. However, being able to effortlessly remove and attach your holster is a huge benefit to paddle holsters. About press copyright contact us creators advertise developers terms privacy policy & safety how youtube works test new features press copyright contact us creators.

Again, the idea behind a paddle holster is a holster that can be taken off the body and put back on when desired; It comes with the paddle and the belt loop attachment. One should pass the belt through the holster, and customizing the paddle holster comes with product disassembling.

In contrast to standard iwb or owb holsters, this type of holster uses a paddle, typically rubberized, that sits against your leg and holds your gun in place. Especially for pistols, whether loaded or not, you make sure to follow the manual before putting them into the paddle holster. Remove your handgun from the shoulder holster and slip one arm through an arm loop.

In most cases, paddle holsters don’t require a belt to attach to, although we’d still recommend using a belt for added durability. You hold the gun handle first and then place your index finger along the barrel and keep it. Once you confirm this, put the weapon aside.

The paddle uses a spring based clip mechanism, along with friction, to. A paddle holster is a popular type of outside the waistband (or owb) holster. Put the holster frame and black spacer separately.

Push the gun inside the holster to check if it gets seated properly. How to put on a shoulder holster step 1. Holsters have different designs for functionality.

Pros/cons, paddle holster the advantage of a paddle holster is that it can be put on or removed quickly. This should eliminate any issues with belts, holsters, and printing. Put on the holster harness over your shoulders.

They are especially useful if you are carrying a large, heavy weapon, because they remove the strain that would otherwise be put on. Insert the handgun into the holster. It's a tool of convenience.

The retention lip holds the holster in place in the cloak dock, allowing the pistol to slide free from the holster as normal. If your holster is for aiwb, your belt buckle should be off to the side beyond the belt loop. To put on, or take off, a pancake holster requires that you be wearing a belt and be able to at least partially undo your belt to put on or take off the holster.

Increased comfort paddle holsters are significantly more comfortable than iwb holsters. It is easier to work with two weld nuts on one side at a time. The market is filled up with a variety of paddle holster, but the best paddle holster that suits your needs can be a bit difficult to find.

Now take the steel flex plate and put it on the rigid nylon backer. Steps to wear paddle holster. The shapeshift modular holster system gives you multiple carry options, including multiple inside the waistband and outside the waistband configurations.

Next, you simply put your pants on like normal, slide the holster in sucking in your gut, and then tighten the belt like normal. Using leather paddle holster is simple. Unless, of course, you purchase a quality paddle holster to begin with.

I find it is more comfortable when using the paddle while wearing a belt to insert the paddle between the belt and the pants. Check the position of the gun and clip holsters. Paddle holsters are a little more troublesome.

How to choose a kydex paddle holster. Paddle holsters are becoming more and more popular. However, being able to effortlessly remove and attach your holster is a huge benefit to paddle holsters.

I recently acquired a serpa blackhawk cqc holster for the glock 17. In case you have to change the belt attachment and install the paddle to your current holster, use the user manual of your holster and the appropriate tools to perform this operation. You need to insert the paddle either behind your waistband or between your belt and waistband.

The inherent compromise, of course, is that it's less durable, less functional, than a standard belt holster.

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