How To Properly Shingle A Valley

Start at the upper row of shingles at the upper end of the valley. Valleys are a prime leak area, so it's important to be careful.

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From the side you are currently working on, place shingles over the valley making sure they extend at least 12″ on the other side.

How to properly shingle a valley. Strip of wsu along the eaves’ edges, and i crosslap the strips at the valley. Bend the lead casing over the inside of the vent pipe to keep water from running between the pipe and flange. A properly flashed roof valley should have an ice and water shield installed, with roofing felt being properly secured over the ice and water.

As on the other shingles, use 4 roofing nails on each shingle. Nail down each valley shingle at least two inches (50 mm) back from the chalk line. I overlap the inside corner of the drip edge at the valley to minimize sharp.

Stop nailing 6 inches from the center. Insert the bar under a shingle and pry upward at. Two plies of mineral surface roll

The shingles in the roof valley are not installed properly. Shingle the other side of the valley the same way. There are many major defects.

Roof one side of the valley, running the shingles across it. For open valley (valley lining exposed) lined with metal: Snap chalklines on both sides for guides.

Press into place, remove the nails, and peel off the paper on the other side. Snap a chalkline 2 to 3 inches past the valley center on the top layer of shingles. You provided a good description,and it does not seem that difficult, just a.

Lay all shingles on one side of valley and across center line of valley a minimum of 12. If you have a valley to shingle, make sure you started your shingles away from the valley, working toward the valley on the lower side of the valley only. Roll out and smooth the wsu and drive a few nails on one side to hold it temporarily.

Apply from the lowest point to the highest, overlapping membrane sections by 6 inches in shingle fashion to allow water to flow unobstructed down the length of the valley. The membrane must be straight and centered with the valley line. (c) strike a chalk line 2 from the center line of the unshingled side.

Slide the old flange up over the pipe. The common types of valleys are open, closed, cut and woven. You can use a straight edge to achieve a straight cut.

Fold over the other side and peel off the paper backing. These strips go under the drip edge. Pull out any nails that are holding the flange in place.

Fasten a minimum of 6 away from center line on each side of valley. Install valley linings in accordance with manufacturer's installation instructions before applying shingles. Apply shingles on the unshingled side up to the chalk line and trim, taking care not to cut the underlying shingles.

This layer of shingles represents none of those. Reattach the shingles around it. Many pros shingle in a vertical line up the roof because it’s much faster.

Ice and water shield rolls In areas of the valley, there are indications i observed that the shingles are not installed properly at all. It should have an aluminum triangular strip.i think it's called flashing, that spans that valley between.unsure if it is adheared under or over the shingles.

When you reach the valley, lay the shingles over the valley and trim the edges to the chalk line. Nail a new flange in place. I would obtain a few more estimates.

Coat each overlay with plastic cement. The open, woven, and closed cut methods are demonstrated. No matter which valley method you use, for extra protection apply wsu at a valley.

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