How To Cut Hardie Board Planks

Here’s how to perform a straight cut on your hardiebacker cement board: Goggles will help to keep dust out of the eyes.

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Hardie makes blades for circular saws especially for cutting the fiber cement.

How to cut hardie board planks. Score along your straight edge, applying firm pressure as you go. This blade is mainly built to cut hardie sidings and boards. Keep a firmer grip on the board than with regular wood.

The hardi blade only has four teeth. The blades are designed to be used with most cutting tools First, sheath the walls with foam, plywood, or oriented strand board (osb).

However, it will produce too much dust. There are plenty of ways to cut hardie board efficiently. First of all, install the hardie blade saw in the power tool that you are using.

You can use a normal diamond saw blade to cut the siding. Just sharing some of the different methods i've used for cutting hardieboard siding. Using a circular saw with a blade made for cutting wood will generate huge clouds of very dangerous dust.

You can also read about this method in the james hardie instructions. Cut the trim board with the saw. Can you cut hardie board with a circular saw?

I also talk a little about getting prepp. James hardie warrants the material for 50 years. Next he purchased a set of pac tools cement shears.

This video shows the score and snap method of cutting james hardie siding. Hardie board lap siding installation cutting hardieplank siding. Planning on installing hardie board planks this summer.

In this regard, do you need a special blade to cut hardie board? However, it also produces the most dust. Next, cover the sheathing with felt paper or house wrap.

A few homes down one of the neighbors installed hardie planks last summer. There are a few different power tools that you can use to cut cement backer board. You can buy shera planks here:

To cut this type of siding, use a masonry blade. The planks may be scored and snapped similar to cutting drywall by using a carbide scoring knife. After that, mark the locations of the studs with chalk lines.

How to cut hardie board. Another method uses a special james hardie supplied saw blade on a circular saw equipped with a vacuum to gather the fiber cement dust which is hazardous to your health. Here i show that pretty much any blade will work for your circular saw to cut fiber cement.

Having said that, here are a few tools you can use to cut a cement board: Place your hardiebacker cement board on a flat surface and mark your cuts with a straight edge. I asked him what he used for cutting.

Make sure to use the correct saw blade for the hardie trim boards. Regular carbide blades will cut fiber cement, but they dull relatively quickly, and if you attempt a gang cut, the blades overheat and can warp. The dust contains silica and is terrible to inhale in any amount.

Do you need a special blade to cut hardie board? Make sure to go slower than with a normal blade and wood; Cutting hardie siding isn’t hard but it does have it’s tricks.

Hardieplank can last longer than that, especially if painted and properly maintained. How to cut hardie plank.

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