F150 Wont Start When Warm

It runs fine when i first start it when its cold, but after while when it warms up it hesitates when i hit the gas and most of the time it'll die. During cool down from about 5 minuites after stopping untill completely cold it takes extended cranking before it will start.

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But, in the winter, it’ll make itself known.

F150 wont start when warm. If the starter wont spin the motor over easily when hot it can be a weak starter,bad ground or even a weak battery,my 77 f150 with a 460 did not like. If you put a heavier oil in during the warmer months, it’s not as likely to keep your f150 from starting. It has always been this way.

Battery is actually fine and hot when checked. 1996 ford f150 4.9 hard to start when warm. This occurs only when engine is warm.

Turn key on and wait 30 sec.then crank and see what happens,fuel pump may be getting hot.if you can check fuel pressure at the rail for at least 35 can do this by removing the schrader valve and. It's not the battery (new) or the alternator (14.3v), i thought it may be the starter wearing down, but i'm not sure. I have an 87 f150 302 fule injected.

When engine is cold it starts immediately. Ford f150 wont start when hot. The heavier molecules in the thicker oil can keep the engine from turning over fast enough to start.

The problem with this truck is that it turns over for 4 seconds or longer before starting up when it is hot. Any time i try to start it when its warm even if i shut it off, it will turn over and not fire, but when i hold the gas down it will fire once and send out a big puff of black smoke and then won't start. Without the proper amount of fuel getting into the.

(maybe so hot increased electrical resistance makes starter weak) i would suggest placing a fan blowing on the hot starter. If your f150 isn’t getting enough fuel, or any fuel at all, it may have a bad fuel filter, bad fuel pump, or bad fuel injectors. 2009 ford f150 four wheel drive automatic.

If not starting means the engine won't turn over once the engine is hot, your starter is overheating. Ford f150 wont restart when hot 2 answers. We have talked to the dealer about it and they said that that is just the way it is and there is nothing wrong but two other family members have the same truck and.

If the starter wont spin the motor over easily when hot it can be a weak starter,bad ground or even a weak battery,my 77 f150 with a 460 did not like to start too good when hot and it turned out to be a bad battery. I always have to keep turning the key for like 20 or so min then out of no were it. If not starting means the engine won't turn over once the engine is hot, your starter is overheating.

You'll have to get it warm and then check though. Some possible causes have been mentioned: Hi my name is ryan and i have a 1997 f150 lariat 4.6l v8 4×4 package and i have been having such a hard time trying to start it when the weather is over 90 f.

F150 wont start when warm. If you replace it, be sure to use dielectric grease between the module and the distributor to keep it cool. Truck will not start when weather is hot.

When engine is hot (immediately after sutting down) it statrs immediately. Check the fuel pressure regulator for leaks it may divert the fuel when warmed up,check all vacuum hoses for cracks if you think it's bad change it. I have a 98 ford f150 4.6l.

When the engine gets to normal temperature and i turn off the engine, it won't start again until it cools down. In the winter i have no problems with my truck summer however if i store hop going from one store to another short periods in between there is a chance i wi. Let it cool, starts fine.

If you have headers or a bad exhaust leak, this will sometimes cause the trouble you're describing. I've seen them get warm and then drop pressure before causing it to not start until it cools off. Well, it never just cranks over easily, but when it's warm sometimes it barely starts.

But, in the winter, it’ll make itself known. The tuck runs great and always starts when there is cool weather. If your f150 won’t start, be happy if you see the check engine light.

1996 ford wont start when hot 1 answer. This occurs only when engine is warm. The obdii codes stored in the computer can really help diagnose the issue.

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