Cool Powerful Quirk Ideas

Cool Powerful Quirk Ideas

Most powerful elemental quirks are most likely because of quirk marriages and one can even control natural disasters depending on the strength of the person and how much they have trained. See more ideas about hero academia characters, hero costumes, hero.

Cool Powerful Quirk Ideas Hanif

Since the user is immune to quirks, they would also be immune to erasure so aizawa wouldn't be able to make them vulnerable.

Cool powerful quirk ideas. For example if a car going 300 mph and is slowed down to appear to be going 5 mph, it will still hit with the same force and impact of a car going 300 mph. The stronger the targets fear, the stronger the resulting transformation. As well as produce venom and silk.

This is my book for quirk ideas :d most of the inspiration behind my ideas come from other fandoms, video games, and even life! He can make them rain, snow, whatever. However, as powerful as this is, you are not immune to the gases' effects, so if you use your quirk you either have to avoid the gases or have on a mask to avoid the effects.

This is specially effective for capture, where you can turn rope to gold. The hail cloud drops 20 drops of hail, rarely dropping big drops, each drop does 20 damage, and the big ones do 30. The quirk is best used for efficiency.

I’ve had this character idea in my head and i thought i’d share it with you since you seem cool. Headaches however a enhanced version of the quirk allows the user to create quirks and permanent immortality and the quirk also gets stronger the more quirks the user copy’s and the user becomes inmune to a quirk the user’s blood is highly toxic. Please read and respect the rules.

Welcome to the appreciation group of the anime / manga boku no hero academia, please, you are free to comment, post announcements, discussions and add members. You can submit quirks or ask for custom ones if you want, too! Discover more posts about bnha+quirk+ideas.

You can create two realms, a realm of dreams and a realm of nightmares. Downside is that if he uses it for too long or too much he can get a bit of a cold, so he’ll usually try to wear mittens. This can be boosted by quirk control.

The user would be immune to dabi/endeavor/shoto's flames as the flames. Or think about the example above of harry’s scar — not only is it a. Everything you touch turns to gold.

Feel free to use them, no credit needed. The user points their hands into the air, summoning a large hail cloud, which is controllable by using the mouse. Basically his quirk is like he can make little clouds with his hands.

Ongoing, first published apr 06, 2018. Additionally you can turn your whole body into gold but you always lose consciousness after doing this as an expense for becoming faster, stronger and sharpening all senses for a very short time. Since the user is immune to quirks, they would also be immune to erasure so aizawa wouldn't be able to make them vulnerable.

You can make it freezing cold, scorching hot, or a perfect 72 degrees. You can control the temperature around you. The user constantly emits a thin purple smoke like gas from their body.

If you aren’t comfortable with that i can list just the idea in the comments! Quirk ideas for villain oc? When in use, person's eyes will turn red and will go back to.

Cool,thanks (edited by bnha.fanidk) 1. See more ideas about hero academia characters, my hero academia, hero costumes. These dying cells will absorb healthy cells from any living person the user touches, this repairs and delays the decay effect of their cells as well as provides them with a power up based on how many healthy cells are absorbed.

They will have the ability to conjure and. The user's cells are unstable and are in a constant state of decay. This quirk grants the user immunity against quirks.

The quirk user can emit radio waves capable of controlling electronic and mechanical machines. Effectively making them a living tank. Feel free to use the quirks in this book, since the main reason i created this book was to help other people and provide inspiration for others.

For instance, one of katniss’ traits in the hunger games is that she’s an exceptional hunter, and her skill with a bow and arrow ultimately helps her survive the games. Lionsgate) some of the best quirks are those that end up aiding the character or contributing to the plot in some major way. The more angrier the quirk user is, the more powerful they get.

The quirk user throws something, which bounces like rubber This post is about quirks and super powers so there will be mentions of death, blood, weapons and such. The user can enter a statue, costume, or any object resembling a human.

You can create two realms, a realm of dreams and a realm of nightmares.

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