Air Compressor Start Capacitor Failure

Air Compressor Start Capacitor Failure

That means the air conditioner itself will probably start working, or at the very least that no cool air is blowing into your home once the air conditioner generates it. If the compressor motor start capacitor has failed, the power supply to the motor stops there, and the motor will not start.

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If you are comfortable with doing so, remove the cover of the start capacitor.

Air compressor start capacitor failure. Lack of oil in crankcase. There may be start capacitors, combined start/run capacitors, or pairs of caps at the compressor/condenser unit (outside) and also inside the air handler at or near the blower fan or fan motor. Once the motor is up to speed, the start capacitor disconnects and is not used again until the next time the motor starts.

Your capacitor may look something like the one in the next photo. If the start capacitor fails the motor will not turn over and overheat (locked rotor). Sometimes the air conditioner will quickly and repeatedly stop and start.

On my 5 hp compressor which has a capacitor start/capacitor run motor, it is the run cap which fails first as it is always in the circuit whereas the start cap is in the circuit intermittently. Start relays give signs like the capacitor when there’s a fault. Testing capacitors air compressor start capacitor these capacitors are normally located on the exterior of the compressor motor.

It is not an automatic death sentence, but a failed start or run capacitor can destroy a compressor motor. But aside from having a licensed technician examine your capacitors, there are other ways you may be able to tell that a capacitor is going bad. They are designed to stay in the circuit only momentarily while the motor is starting.

Overheating is a primary cause of a failed start capacitor. These capacitors will occasionally fail, causing a compressor to fail to start. Start capacitors are not designed to dissipate the heat associated with continuous operation;

A start capacitor is only used in the motor circuit for a second or two when it first starts to turn. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. For a 240 volt model, the start cap should be rated at least 250 vac and the run cap should be rated at least 370 vac.

Remove the compressor cylinder head and inspect for foreign matter on top of the piston, clean, add a new gasket, and reassemble the head. Check for possible damage to bearings, replenish oil. If a start capacitor stays in the circuit too long, it.

If the technician confirms that your air compressor’s capacitor is broken, a replacement is the best way to resolve this issue. When you get the cover off, examine the capacitor. This will (should) set a thermo switch in the motor and/or trip the breaker back in the panel.

Like capacitor replacements, a new start. Piston hitting the valve plate. Speaking of which, another sign of capacitor problems comes when the motor itself fails.

If your air conditioner’s compressor has trouble starting and then quickly shuts off, that can be a result of a bad capacitor. If the start capacitor fails, then the motor will not be able to begin turning. If the ac unit as a whole has power, but isn’t blowing, it could point to a failed motor.

There is another compressor component that could cause the compressor to start and stop, and that is that the start or run capacitor is failing.

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