About AASD

Afrikan Alliance Of Social Democrats

AASD is a modern Pan Afrikan Social democratic party that subscribes to the notion of a fair and just political order based on Effective Citizen Participatory Democracy. AASD subscribes to accountable, ethical and competent leadership based on peoples will. AASD believes in the supremacy of the South Africa Constitution as well as the rule of law and subscribes to universal human rights and humane society.

Our Vision

To be a modern Pan Afrikan political Party that will build a united and prosperous country based on fairness, justice and equity. To pursue and eclectic pragmatic social democratic agenda that will leverage technological advancement including the Fourth Industrial Revolution in leapfrogging South Africa out of a low economic growth, poverty, inequality and unemployment into a prosperous high inclusive economic growth country based on socio-economic justice, fairness and equity. Effective Citizen Participatory Democracy is the bedrock of determination of the peoples will and mandate.

Political History

Mangaung Forum(MF) was formed in 2006 as a response to undemocratic practices in certain political organisations. Some of these organisations had internal processes that were supposed to facilitate democratic engagement and decision making by the general membership. However, these internal processes were manipulated and undermined with intent to ensure certain outcomes in elections or nomination for people to represent organisations in government.

Based on the notion enshrined in the constitution of the country as well as what had always driven the anti-apartheid struggle of the African people, Popular people democratic participation, MF advocated for and held political education over Saturdays from 2006-2013 and continued to maintain local grassroot leadership organised. With time the discussions also included the analysis of the political economy, and how to strengthen and empower communities for self-upliftment and wealth creation. Ward based programs and leadership training was conducted with the assistance of IBCT trust, Mangaung Centre for Citizen Empowerment and KSS. Communities in 2016 nominated their own candidates for the Municipal Local Government Election who stood as independents after political parties undermined their choices. The election irregularities that was allegedly committed by some IEC, SAPS and ANC individuals led to some 30 reported cases that unfortunately fell by the side due to collusion with investigators and the NPA. The breakdown in essential services, non -compliance with legislation for consultation with communities in drafting Integrated Development Plans (IDP) and budgets led to community discontent with no avenue to raise it. Emanating out of this grassroot movement and lack of political and administrative accountability by government at different levels, germinated the idea that there is need for a grassroot driven contestation for political power. The feasibility of the idea took almost two years culminating in the decision to form the Afrikan Alliance of Social Democrats(AASD).

The value-proposition of the party and its location in the broader South African and global political landscape is that of a ‘modern Pan Afrikan political party that is a proponent of an ‘eclectic and pragmatic social democratic’ dispensation poised to address the ever increasing social and economic inequalities, unemployment, poverty and economic stagnation. It embraces the potential of the new technological advancement and the Fourth Industrial Revolution to leapfrog South Africa out of a low economic growth, high unemployment and poverty into a prosperous, just and fair society.

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